PRIDE Training at CFS

We invite you to attend our upcoming foster and adoptive parent training classes. PRIDE is a 24-hour, intensive course taken over 4 days. It is required for foster home licensing and adoption in Michigan.

Call CFS at (231) 946-8975 or email for more information or to register.

What is PRIDE?

PRIDE is a 24-hour in-depth course that presents topics related to foster and adoptive parenting through videos, discussion, and experiential exercises. Sessions are taught by professionals at Child & Family Services, with the help of experienced foster and adoptive parents. PRIDE training is mandated by the State of Michigan for all licensed homes.

PRIDE I covers 12-hours of training and is the minimal requirement before being licensed. It is comprised of 5 Sessions: 1) Connecting with PRIDE; 2) Teamwork; 3) Meeting Developmental Needs & Attachment; 4) Loss; and 6) Discipline.

PRIDE II covers 4 additional sessions: 5) Strengthening Families; 8) Planning for Change; 7) Continuing Family Relationships; and 9) Making an Informed Decision. The final session brings a panel of experienced foster and adoptive parents who talk about the impact fostering and adopting has had on their lives, and answer any questions about their experiences.

*There will only be a half hour for lunch so feel free to bring a brown bag lunch or snack.


Child & Family Services*
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Traverse City, MI
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We hope you are interested in learning more about providing foster care or adoption, and can attend these classes. We're here to answer any questions you might have. Please contact Molly Nachazel or Roy Franklin to confirm that you will be attending. Their contact information is provided below. 

There is a great need for quality foster and adoptive homes, ready to make a difference in the lives of children and families!

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