Wraparound helps families identify community-based supports and plans with them how to best meet the needs of children with emotional and behavioral problems. The Wraparound team creates a plan that supports keeping the child at home with his/her family.  By bringing together family members and people relevant to the child's well-being, they create an intensive family preservation plan that works through a combination of team building, coordinating both natural and professional supports, brainstorming and developing strategies, and accessing and utilizing the community's resources and services.

What to Expect from Wraparound

A Child and Family Services Wraparound facilitator works with the family to build a team of natural and professional support persons.  The team works together to help develop and implement the family's Wraparound plan–with the goal being to prevent the placement of the child outside the home.  The creation of this plan (and the Wraparound process in general) is family-driven, designed around each family's strengths, needs, and goals.  The Wraparound Program utilizes a national evidence-based model.

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