girl-624223_1920Sara's Journey

Sara is a lovely, brown-haired, blue-eyed, 13 year-old girl with a great smile and the cutest dimples. She is very smart and loves to read, play chess, and play the clarinet in her school band. She requires perfection from herself and others, and is a straight-A student.

Sara was placed in foster care because of her mother’s untreated paranoid schizophrenia. Her father was incarcerated at the time for an alcohol-related felony. When Sara's father was released from prison, there was a brief reunification of the family during which both parents expressed their dedication to Sara’s well-being. 

But her mother’s continued mental illness, for which she refused treatment, caused severely disturbed behaviors that caused Sara’s father to leave again. Sadly, he recognized that he does not have the resources to care for her, though he is taking steps toward this goal.

Sara looks forward to eventually living with him but is content to be with her maternal grandmother for the time being. Her grandmother is a licensed foster care provider and has extensive training in addressing the kinds of issues that Sara faces. Sara also receives support from a Child & Family Services’ therapist as she moves through the phases of grief and loss and deals with her parents’ instability and inability to parent her appropriately. Financial support from the larger community provides Sara with opportunities to explore art and recreation as additional outlets for her emotions and she loves these times when she can interact with other friends she has made in foster care.  She understands as a result of these relationships that she is not alone, which helps her tremendously.

Sara says that the people at CFS are “really like a family to lots of kids like me. I appreciate everything they have done for me very much.”


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