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CTAC Success Story

Image by Garrett Jackson
Billy* gets another chance

Billy* is a middle school boy who was living in a residential (institutional) setting.  After entering the child welfare system due to abuse and neglect, his parents abandoned him and left the state. Billy has autism, among other mental health diagnoses, and was struggling in the institutional setting. This institution was having a difficult time managing his behaviors and was seeking another facility that might be better able to address his needs. With Billy having multiple behavior incidents each day, no other facility was willing to provide care for him.   


The institution reached out to CFS-CTAC to provide a trauma assessment for Billy. Recently, one of the members of the trauma team called to find out how Billy is doing and received wonderful news. The institution was able to use the information provided in the assessment to locate a therapeutic facility. With specific information on hand on what Billy experienced, what his triggers were, and a plan to enable Billy to feel safe again, the facility felt that they could create a treatment plan and help Billy. He is now attending a public school, a member of the school orchestra, and functioning wonderfully. This progress is significant, and Billy may be able to live in a home setting again, whether it be a foster home or an extended family member that might be located.   

*name changed to protect confidentiality.

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