New Strategic Partnership for CFS

We are pleased to announce a new administrative partnership with Samaritas, a nonprofit human services organization serving lower Michigan for nearly a century. Samaritas brings long-held compassion and expertise in serving families and individuals. More about Samaritas at The goal of this innovative partnership is to reevaluate the processes, programs, and priorities within CFS and position our organization to serve our communities for our next 80 … Continue reading New Strategic Partnership for CFS

Help Nonprofits Do Their Work, Without (Too Many) Conditions

It's been a challenging year for Child and Family Services, with revenues decreasing and regulatory requirements increasing.  It feels like nonprofit business as usual, with both these issues faced by nonprofits of all kinds here in northern Michigan and throughout our state and nation.  Many of us have as our mission society’s biggest, most intractable human challenges—poverty, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, clean, safe … Continue reading Help Nonprofits Do Their Work, Without (Too Many) Conditions

Childhood Trauma Linked to Poor Health

We know there are many things that contribute to poor health: smoking, bad diet, sleep deprivation, a lack of exercise. But did you know that exposure to traumatic events as a child also contributes to poor health later in life? Childhood trauma has been linked to things like cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Studies are increasingly showing us that things like physical, verbal, … Continue reading Childhood Trauma Linked to Poor Health

A Foster Care Story

He was removed from his mother’s care when he was three due to abuse and neglect.  He spent two months in foster care, then was placed with a relative.  That arrangement changed after a few months when he was removed from that relative and placed with his great grandmother. Eight months after moving in with his great-grandmother, and more than a year after being removed … Continue reading A Foster Care Story