Crisis Respite Programs

CFS offers two programs for families whose children meet eligibility criteria through Northern Lakes Community Mental Health-as well as for children in the foster care system - Crisis and Planned Respite. 


What is Crisis Respite? 

The Crisis Respite Program provides basic care, safety, and a nurturing environment during short-term placements for children and youth. Trained foster parents work closely with case managers to help de-escalate family crisis situations, and provide an opportunity to implement problem solving techniques in a more neutral setting. These providers also function as surrogate caregivers by providing supervision, encouragement, and a caring environment. These programs generally serve difficult to place youth who have multiple needs, some of which may be related to, but not limited to, the following areas: medical and mental health and well-being, learning disabilities, sexualized behaviors, adequate coping skills, and developmental delays.

What is Planned Respite?

The Planned Respite Program is designed to help youth and families avoid crisis situations by providing a planned respite, or break. Short-term, out of home placements with trained foster parents help to de-escalate stressed home situations and provide an opportunity to implement problem solving techniques in a more neutral setting. The purpose of the program is to prevent crisis in the natural home. These short-term placements with trained providers help de-escalate volatile situations through problem solving techniques in a neutral setting.

I am interested in providing respite,

what else do I need to know?

Respite providers need to be licensed foster parents. If you are already licensed, just contact CFS and let us know that you would like to help out with this program. If you are not licensed, contact us and we will work with you throughout the licensing process. Respite providers that provide respite on an emergency, on call basis are given a $75 per day stipend. Respite providers that provide planned respites receive a $50 stipend. Respite providers have 24/7 on call support to assist with anything that may arise during your respite placement. 

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