Foster / Adoptive Parenting

a 21-hour intensive course in 4 days,  
required for foster home licensing and adoption in MI

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Many children in Northern Michigan need temporary safe havens or permanent homes due to abuse and/or neglect.  Foster care helps to provide that safe haven. Children include boys and girls ages 0-17, sibling groups, racial and ethnic minorities, and children with physical, mental, or emotional challenges.  Being a foster or adoptive parent requires a natural love of children, an ability to set guidelines, provide direction, and work with the Child and Family Services' staff as part of a treatment team.  Stamina, a healthy attitude, and special skills (which we will help you obtain) are all important requirements of foster and adoptive parenting.  In addition, we offer free ongoing training, referrals, education, support groups, and mentoring to make foster care and adoption the most beneficial to the children and families we serve.

"It's been so great for our biological daughter.  It's helped her understand that some people are less fortunate, and that in some small way, we can help–no 'crusade'– just sharing our pot of food with a kid who needs a place to stay."

~Abby G, foster mom

Foster and special needs adoptive parents come in all shapes and sizes–just like the children they care for.  Parents may be married or single; they may be childless or have kids living at home.  Still others have already raised their own children to adulthood, but feel the desire to continue parenting.  Some are parenting their relatives children–neices, nephews, or grandchildren.  Foster and adoptive parents are your neighbors, co-workers, and church members.

Could YOU be a foster or adoptive parent? 

Couples and single adults over the age of 18 years old with both good character and a safe and stable home are eligible to become foster or adoptive parents.  Prospective foster/adoptive parents are carefully screened, and come from all walks of life.  They may rent or own their own homes.  They may devote their time to caring for their children, or work at home, or work outside the home.

Foster parents receive reimbursement to help them with the expense of caring for children they may currently have in their care.  All health care costs for children in foster care are paid for by the State of Michigan.  Adoptive families also receive reimbursements for children who are adopted over the age of three.

Orientation meetings for prospective foster/adoptive parents

 All your questions about how you can become
licensed to foster/adopt answered

 Crisis and planned respite (very short-term care) opportunities available, too.

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