Growing up isn't always easy.
We are here to help.

The journey to adulthood can sometimes seem like a juggling act – staying in school, graduating, making plans for the future, maintaining a social life, and adjusting to all sorts of changes. It's normal to feel overwhelmed at times. For teens without a safe place to stay, accomplishing these goals can be even more of a challenge.

Our Host Homes program provides a safe place for youth to call their own, as well as guidance and support to those willing to host a teen in their home long-term.

Maybe you're already "couch-surfing" with a friend, or maybe you are at square one and not sure where to turn.  Give us a call!

We may be able to help provide structure to your current living situation or assist in finding a new home to "host" you. The Host Homes program will help your "hosts" with some costs associated with housing you, taking some of the stress off your shoulders. We hope to make it easier for you to concentrate on being healthy and happy as you pursue your life's goals.  


All youth receive free counseling and referrals to needed resources as a part of our Host Homes program. We'll make sure you have the tools to be successful, whatever that may mean to you.

Stability is the key to focusing on your goals. Safe, consistent living arrangements with encouragement from caring adults can really make the difference as you move forward.

Host Homes

for Youth