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Supporting moms and kids

Moms and children ages 5-12 are invited to join our Kids’ Club and Moms’ Empowerment Groups for women and children who have been exposed to dometic violence.

The program uses an evidence-based model developed by Dr. Sandra Graham-Bermann of the University of Michigan. It has been implemented and researched for over 25 years.

This FREE group meets for one hour each week for 10 weeks. Snacks, activities, and crafts are provided, as well as free childcare for children under age 5.

Kids and moms meet separately on the same evening. Kids groups are divided by age, to ensure appropriateness. Participation during the group is voluntary and free from pressure.


Moms meet separately on the same evening to share their parenting experiences and concerns, and receive support from their peers and professionals. This group is for mothers who have experienced abuse with a partner. Confidential support and empowerment is aimed to:

• provide a safe place to discuss parenting challenges
• offer support and increase coping skills
• identify children’s needs and new ways to talk with your children about abuse
• learn new discipline techniques and parenting skills
• share parenting strategies

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Kids Club has been designed as a friendly and fun group that supports children who have been exposed to domestic violence. These age-appropriate groups help children:

• talk about things they like and don’t like
• share ideas about the best ways to solve problems
• think together about feelings that kids have
• cope better with their experiences
• share positive ideas about families and the future
• build self-esteem and social skills
• reduce self-blame and learn coping skills



We are currently evaluating how we can do this series virtually.
Please stay tuned!

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