New Strategic Partnership for CFS

We are pleased to announce a new administrative partnership with Samaritas, a nonprofit human services organization serving lower Michigan for nearly a century. Samaritas brings long-held compassion and expertise in serving families and individuals. More about Samaritas at

The goal of this innovative partnership is to reevaluate the processes, programs, and priorities within CFS and position our organization to serve our communities for our next 80 years. Samaritas is providing executive support to CFS that will guide a new approach to navigating the changing nonprofit world we live in. Lena Wilson, Samaritas Executive Director of Adoption, will serve as Interim Executive Director of Child & Family Services.This partnership will continue until July 2017, at which time the CFS Board of Directors will reassess the nature of our partnership and determine who will become our next Executive Director. 

"I am honored to work with such a foundational organization serving northwest Michigan," says Lena Wilson. "Its roots in this community, and its outreach to residents, are far-reaching and impactful."

Gina Aranki, CFS' Marketing Director and current member of the executive management team, will serve as Interim Director of Operations. Wilson and Aranki will guide the process of comprehensive evaluation and strategic planning.

"We are looking forward to this collaboration with enthusiasm," notes Gina Aranki. "Samaritas' human services and systems expertise will help us do an even better job of serving the people of our state's northern communities. Both organizations, but most importantly our clients and partners, will benefit."

We would love to share more with you about this strategic partnership. If you have questions, or would like to learn more, please contact Gina Aranki, or (231) 946-8975 ext. 1031.