Kids Grow Best in Families

cfs-fixed-slide-2Adoption gives a child the ultimate gift – the chance to be loved and cared for in circumstances their own parents are unable to provide at this time in their lives. Weather you are considering adopting a child or considering placing your child for adoption, you've come to the right place.

At Child & Family Services, we believe there is a perfect family for every child. We help by connecting adoptive parents with children who need them, and by providing support to the child and parents throughout the entire process. We offer in-depth support including free training, counseling, support groups, referrals to community resources, respite activities, and mentoring to make adoption the most beneficial to the children and families we serve.

We regularly hold group and individual orientation sessions where you can learn all the basics and get your questions answered. Call now to schedule your orientation.

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Pregnant and need help?
You've come to the right place.

Life doesn't always go as planned. When it doesn't, we're here for you. Child & Family Services offers free pregnancy support to expectant mothers. We'll talk through all of your options, help you make a plan, and be there throughout the entire process to make sure you're safe, well, and comfortable, no matter what you decide. Our counselors are compassionate, non-judgmental, and very knowledgeable about your options.

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Who Can Adopt a Child?

Adoptive parents come in all shapes and sizes, just like the children they adopt. You probably know an adoptive family. They may be your neighbors, friends, coworkers, or kids at your children’s school. Adoptive parents may be married or single; they may be childless or have kids living at home. Still other adoptive parents have already raised their own children to adulthood, but feel the desire to continue parenting.  Some are parenting their relative's children–nieces, nephews, or grandchildren.

Being an adoptive parent requires a natural love of children and an ability to set guidelines, provide direction, and work with CFS staff as part of a treatment team. Stamina, a healthy attitude, and special skills (which we will help you obtain) are all important requirements of adoptive parenting.

Couples and single adults over the age of 18 years old with good character and a safe and stable home are eligible to become foster or adoptive parents. Prospective foster and adoptive parents come from all walks of life. They may rent or own their own homes. They may devote all of their time to caring for their children, or work at home, or work outside the home.

At Child & Family Services, we believe there is a perfect family for every child. While it is important that you can provide a safe and stable environment, we do not discriminate because of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, political beliefs, or disability.


Are You Considering Adopting a Child?

Many things can lead a child to adoption, just as there are many reasons one chooses to be an adoptive parent. Some people adopt a child because they want to be parents but are dealing with infertility or they don't have a partner. Some adopt because of religious reasons, environmental concerns, or pregnancy complications. Some just want to help a child in need.

No matter your reason, we'd love to talk with you about adoption. We're here to explain the adoption process, answer any questions you may have about adoption, and prepare you to be the best adoptive parent you can be. Call us today, we're here to help.

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Foster Care Adoption

child-476506__180When the rights of birth parents are terminated because they are unable or unwilling to care for their children in love and safety, Child & Family Services turns to adoption as the path to permanency. We strive to facilitate good matches between children and prospective adoptive parents, and have created hundreds of "forever families" since our beginning in 1937. Children who are adopted from foster care are often (but not always) older kids, members of minority ethnicities, or part of sibling groups. It's thought that each of these factors may make the children harder to place.  At any given time up to 600 Michigan children are waiting for an adoptive family.

"I get all the arguments against it. I even get the one that says I don't
know if I want to bring another kid into this world. But how do you
argue with the logic of loving one that's already here?"

– John Cusack as David Gordon in the movie "Martian Child"

Infant Adoption

baby-390555_1280At Child & Family Services, we believe in open adoption, the notion that birth parents and adoptive parents choose some level of contact between them–whatever is most comfortable. Research shows that adopted children who have this contact with birth families through open adoption are less depressed, more open and comfortable with themselves and others, and healthier in that they have access to important medical information.

Legal paperwork and court processing are handled by our agency for both the birth parents and adoptive family. Prospective adoptive parents meet with our staff, attend training classes, compile a family book to be reviewed by birth parents, and receive a home study. We work with everyone involved as long as necessary for new adjustments and healing to take place. Adoptive families who are selected may go through pregnancy with the birth mother. Couples with good moral character and safe, stable homes are eligible to become adoptive parents.  Adoptive parents must be childless or have only one adopted or biological child. 

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Orientation Meetings
for Prospective Foster & Adoptive Parents

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Other appointments available upon request.
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Are you thinking about becoming a foster or adoptive parent? Do you have questions about the process and how it works? Call us today to register for a Foster & Adoptive Parent Orientation information meeting. We are flexible with your schedule, wants, and needs! Crisis and planned respite (very short-term care) opportunities are available, too.

For more information about how YOU can become a foster or adoptive parent:

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