Why work at CFS?

At CFS, we offer more than just a place to work. Many employees describe our work environment as an extended family, supportive and there for each other when they need it, at work and in life. CFS understands that while working to empower our clients, self-care is vital. Just a few examples of this include:

MORALE/CULTURE COMMITTEE - Our committee is comprised of volunteer staff members that plan events throughout the year, including potlucks, holidays parties, and self-care days. If a staff person is experiencing a challenge, the morale committee provides support through smalls gifts and recognitions. 

HOLIDAY AND PAID TIME OFF - full time staff are provided 20 paid days per calendar year, 12 agency holidays, 4 personal days per year, as well as generous a sick time policy. 

SCHOLARSHIPS - some financial assistance is available for those pursuing graduate degrees.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: each employee is eligible to receive up to three behavioral health sessions per year. 

Here are a few words from our employees about their experience at CFS:

Laura from Oryana presents at our Healthy Habits series, put on by our Morale Committee. 

“As an employee of CFS, I can honestly attest to a positive work environment. Not only are co-workers helpful and encouraging, but sympathetic to each others personal needs, strengths, and flaws. When expressing frustrations or let-downs, we are immediately picked back up. To feel accepted and respected is a true gift. On top of all of this - these people - this wonderful organization of friends, family, and community are constantly working to understand the complications others face and to work towards healing. It gives me hope that we are truly in this thing together. 

— Autumn, Safe Haven

Staff volunteer at Jacob's Maze foster family appreciation event, an annual event for over 9 years!

“It's the best place I have worked. The work is dynamic and everyday is different. We have the best co-workers. It takes a village, and here at CFS, everyone is always willing to help and support each other. There is a fun environment that is filled with compassionate people.”

— Andrea, Family Support

“CFS is a great place to work. Whenever I have hard times it seems like someone has helped me at our agency. Employees bringing items from their garden, baking cookies to share with everyone...these little things mean a lot.”

— Jamie, Youth Services

Staff are modeling handmade aprons, made with love from Mona Wilson, CFS volunteer.

“CFS means hope. Renewing lives. Mending shattered broken lives. I love seeing the lives of the little ones brightening as we give them love, hope, and security for a better tomorrow. The teamwork in place here encourages us all to keep moving forward and gives support to each other.

— Barb, Office Support

Many of our staff have been here for 10, 15, 20, and even 30 years!

Sometimes you just need to dress like a penguin...

“CFS is an agency that cares for the needs of all families, including those of staff! The flexibility in scheduling allows staff (parents) to occasionally accommodate their children's school events, arrange medical visits, cope with snow days, etc. It's a great place for people with an internal sense of responsibility to soar!”

— Anonymous staff member

Even Lions fans get support here at CFS!

“I don't say it nearly enough, but I work for the best agency anyone could ask for. Shout out to my amazing work family and friends. I love you guys!”

— Michelle, Harbor Springs office