YouthWork, a program of Child & Family Services

an AmeriCorps State Program

CFS’ YouthWork program is based on FDR’s New Deal Civilian Conservation Corps and provides work-based learning opportunities, primarily outdoors, for youth throughout Michigan.

Our youth spend 2-3 months working with a crew to learn valuable job and life skills while receiving all the benefits of being an AmeriCorps member – a living stipend, education awards/scholarships, and connections to a nation wide network of service.

YouthWork AmeriCorps members are from rural communities with limited resources to address their diverse needs. Their service might include planting trees, removing invasive species, building boardwalks, historic preservation, and stream bank restoration.

The projects make a significant impact on both our youth and their communities, teaching valuable job and life skills through learning-based service projects and of providing valuable services to the communities served with YouthWork projects.

YouthWork allows youth to develop important job skills and experience while exploring their strengths, aptitudes, and interests. The program helps youth and young adults gain an appreciation for the ecosystems that surround them and for the needs of their community. They learn that they have a voice and a stake in the future—their future.

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