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32nd   year! 

"The Brown Bag Campaign represents the fact that children often come into foster care very quickly and suddenly, with their personal items stuffed into brown paper or plastic bags. It’s also a reminder that we need people who have the room in their hearts and homes to become foster and adoptive parents.  We are grateful to everyone who has helped make this effort so successful."

-Gina Aranki,

Executive Director

What is the brown bag campaign? 

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Image by Kiana Bosman

During July and August, readers of northern Michigan newspapers will find a small brown paper bag printed with a big message:  that despite having faced all too much trauma in their short lives, children are resilient and can overcome those experiences—particularly if people care to help.

Child & Family Services helps hundreds of children heal from trauma each year through foster care and other valuable programs. Many arrive on our doorsteps with few of their own belongings – often shoved into a brown paper or plastic bag. 

The Brown Bag Campaign reminds us of the plight of children entering the foster care system — and of the constant need for foster and adoptive parents to help care for them. These children deserve better. 

At CFS, we believe every child deserves to be safe, happy, and loved. We also believe that the children we serve should have clothing, school supplies, transportation, and opportunities such as music or dance lessons or summer camp. The Campaign has raised more than $550,000 for these needs since inception, and has helped recruit many foster and adoptive families.  

Thank you for your support of our work to nurture children and strengthen families. 



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