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Third Level
Youth Services

Third Level's Youth Services support youth and their families as they overcome various challenges.


We believe in flexibility! That's why we meet you where you are – in schools, at community resource centers, or right here at Child and Family Services. Our programs are designed to improve youth development, strengthen family functioning, and reunite families. Our youth counselors work with any youth who have runaway, have threatened to run away, may be at risk of homelessness, or that are experiencing family conflict that makes it difficult to be at home.


We are here to talk 24/7.
Call us now at 231-922-4800 if you need help. 

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Provides counseling and other support services for youth ages 12-20 who are risk of homelessness. Youth work to reach specific goals and find support and resources to achieve those goals and more.

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Basic Care Center

Provides temporary housing assistance via host homes, and supportive services for youth experiencing unsafe or unstable housing. The youth will work with staff to remain in school, build life skills, connect to individual and family counseling and other supportive services with the goal of family reunification. This program is 2-3 weeks for youth ages 12-17.

Provides counseling, case management and independent living skills to youth at risk of homelessness, between the ages of 16-20. Youth learn to access resources, apply for college, get a GED, find employment or housing, how to budget, and more. Youth work to build permanent connections, self-sufficiency and overall well-being.

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