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Working at Child & Family Services of Northwestern Michigan means having a career that positively impacts your own community. Whether you’re looking for a full-time position, an internship program, or a volunteer opportunity, CFS is constantly seeking individuals committed to making northern Michigan a safer and healthier community for children and their families.

We understand that every one of our team members plays a critical role at our agency. That's why we've worked so hard to create a workplace that attracts and retains a diverse group of passionate, committed and talented individuals. 


Thanks to a competitive benefits package and an emphasis on work/life balance, we're able to provide opportunities for our employees to meet their personal and professional needs while contributing to an incredibly important cause.


For us, it's not just a job, it's a mission.

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Foster Care 

The Foster Care Specialist is primarily concerned with the placement and supervision of children in foster homes and with corresponding efforts with the legal parents in an attempt to return children to their own homes. Foster Care is to be considered a temporary plan for the child and to that end, the Foster Care Specialist will focus treatment and goals for the child(ren) and his or her family that expedite effective permanency plans.

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Family Support Workers

Family Support Workers facilitate supervised parenting visits, transport children to appointments and visits, and complete written reports related to these visits. Associate’s degree in human services related field is desirable. Needed in Traverse City and Harbor Springs offices. 

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Trauma Assessment Clinician

A Trauma Assessment Clinician with the Child and Family Services Trauma Assessment Program works as part of a multidisciplinary team to assess the impact of trauma on children's health, mental, health and development. A Trauma Assessment Clinician is responsible for sharing information, increasing awareness and providing guidance and support to caregivers, school personal and other supports and services working with children and adolescents who have experienced trauma.

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Contractual Behavioral Health Therapist

Independent Contractor Position – full or part-time with a percentage of collected fees paid to the Contractor for services rendered. Child and Family Services provides office space, referrals, verification of benefits, billing & collection services and supervision. Experience required in treating children and adults with trauma histories. Knowledge of the Child Welfare and Mental Health systems is preferred.

YouthWork Leaders and Members

Like long weekends, being outside, and getting things done for your community? Lead an AmeriCorps Crew! YouthWork Conservation Corps is hiring seasonal, full-time Crew Leaders for the summer 2021 season, beginning in May/June 2021. YouthWork, an AmeriCorps program of Child & Family Services, develops vulnerable young adults and their local communities through conservation, skilled trades, and other service activities. Our main office is in Traverse City, Michigan with crews serving remotely across Michigan.

Pete's Place

We are Pete's Place. We are a safe place and sanctuary for kids who have been kicked out, run away, or have no safe place to go. We serve homeless youth. Whether they are couch surfing, out on the streets, or just abandon. Our mission: "To ensure the safety and well-being of those we serve in times of crisis, challenge, and life transition." We offer a safe place and support to these young teens.

You should consider us for employment if you are looking for a place to be of service to our community and to the at-risk youth who live in our community.



Many employees describe our work environment as an extended family - supportive and there for each other when they need it, at work and in life. CFS understands that while working to empower our clients, self-care is vital. Just a few examples of this include:




Our committee is comprised of volunteer staff members that plan events throughout the year, including potlucks, holidays parties, and self-care days.




Full-time staff members are provided 20 paid days per calendar year, 12 agency holidays, 4 personal days per year, as well as generous a sick time policy.




Some financial assistance is available for those pursuing graduate degrees.



Every employee is eligible to receive up to three behavioral health sessions per year. 




“As an employee of CFS, I can honestly attest to a positive work environment. Not only are co-workers helpful and encouraging, but sympathetic to each others personal needs, strengths, and flaws. When expressing frustrations or let-downs, we are immediately picked back up. To feel accepted and respected is a true gift. On top of all of this - these people - this wonderful organization of friends, family, and community are constantly working to understand the complications others face and to work towards healing. It gives me hope that we are truly in this thing together."


—  Autumn, Safe Haven