Foster Care

You don't have to be a perfect parent

to be the perfect parent for a child.

What is foster care?

When children are abused or neglected, they may be

removed from their homes on a temporary basis by the

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) 

to protect them from further harm. 


Child & Family Services works with MDHHS to find homes for children, to provide treatment and support, and to resolve any issues that have made their homes unsafe. 


Family reunification in a safe home is always the goal of foster care.

a few words from our foster parents...

Nancy, foster and

adoptive mother

"I researched several different organizations and was very impressed with what Child and Family had to offer in terms of support to foster parents. I went from a single woman to a mother of three overnight, and I am so happy that I did. "

Abby G, foster mom

“It’s been so great for our biological daughter.  It’s helped her understand that some people are less fortunate, and that in some small way, we can help – no ‘crusade’ – just sharing our pot of food with a kid who needs a place to stay.”

Amber C, foster mom

“For so many of you it probably passes your minds but you think “oh I could never do that – you have to give them up don’t you?” or “I couldn’t do that to my family” I have heard both of those A LOT. Yes, you think about the time that may come when they go back but think about the difference that you would make in their lives for the time that you have them. The difference between when we got our little guy and now is incredible. Our family had a huge part in that. It is REWARDING. So even if you think you can’t – I can tell you that you can…”


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