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Co-parenting & parenting skills class.

Next class: June 17 and June 24 from 9am-12pm. Click link below to email instructor to register. 

​Child & Family Services offers the “Always a Parent” program to parents who want to improve their parenting skills or who are having difficulty communicating with a co-parent.

“Always a Parent” emphasizes the impact of parents’ behavior on their children, and teaches parents positive, effective, cooperative communication techniques in an enjoyable, interactive way.

Classes are offered monthly and times vary according to current needs. 

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Get these and other questions answered:

  • Why is my child so “out of control?”

  • How do I get my child to take responsibility?

  • How can I get my children to tell me what is bothering them?

  • What do I do about sibling conflict?

  • How can I have a peaceful home?

  • How can I mix work and home to meet my child’s needs?

  • How do I keep my child safe?

  • What if parents cannot agree on how to raise their children?

  • How does domestic violence affect children?

What You Can Expect

  • All classes are held at Child & Family Services

  • $100 fee includes sessions, textbook, and certificate. Please talk with us if you’re concerned about paying for services.

  • Certificate issued upon successful course completion

Class Topics Include:

  • Successful Conflict Resolution

  • How to discipline with love

  • How parental behaviors impact children

  • How to co-parent successfully

  • Understanding how your child thinks

  • Helping your children deal with feelings

  • How to balance your family time

  • How to effectively communicate with your children

  • Teaching life lessons

  • Raising a child to be a responsible person

  • Understanding anger and how to turn it into a positive

  • When to worry–what is “normal” and what is not

  • Buttons & triggers to behaviors

  • Understanding the power of emotions

  • The importance of family meetings and how to have them

  • Different parenting styles

  • Blended families

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