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Many things can lead a child to adoption, just as there are many reasons one chooses to be an adoptive parent.


Some people adopt a child because they want to be parents but are dealing with infertility or they don't have a partner. Some adopt because of religious reasons, environmental concerns, or pregnancy complications. Some just want to help a child in need.


No matter your reason, we'd love to talk with you about adoption. We're here to explain the adoption process, answer any questions you may have about adoption, and prepare you to be the best adoptive parent you can be.


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Foster to Adopt

When the rights of birth parents are terminated, Child & Family Services turns to adoption as the path to permanency. We strive to facilitate good matches between children and prospective adoptive parents, and have created hundreds of "forever families" since our beginning in 1937.


Children who are adopted from foster care are often (but not always) older kids, members of minority ethnicities, or part of sibling groups. It's thought that each of these factors may make the children harder to place.  


At any given time up to 600 Michigan children are waiting for an adoptive family. Last year, CFS completed 60 adoptions.  CFS currently has several children waiting to be adopted. More information about these children looking for forever homes is listed below. To learn more about adoption, please call our office or fill out the form below. 

Infant Adoption

At Child & Family Services, we believe in open adoption, the notion that birth parents and adoptive parents choose some level of contact between them–whatever is most comfortable. Research shows that adopted children who have this contact with birth families through open adoption are less depressed, more open and comfortable with themselves and others, and healthier in that they have access to important medical information.

Legal paperwork and court processing are handled by our agency for both the birth parents and adoptive family. Prospective adoptive parents meet with our staff, attend training classes, compile a family book to be reviewed by birth parents, and receive a home study. We work with everyone involved as long as necessary for new adjustments and healing to take place. Adoptive families who are selected may go through pregnancy with the birth mother. Couples with good moral character and safe, stable homes are eligible to become adoptive parents. 


Free pregnancy support is available to individuals and families experiencing unexpected pregnancies. 

Current CFS children waiting for adoptive homes.

Katlynn, age 14, has been waiting for an adoptive home since January 2018. “Katlynn can make anyone smile!” says her worker, who calls Katlynn a cheerful young girl. Katlynn is quite skilled at other things, too, and takes an interest in singing, dancing and coloring. Katlynn enjoys playing volleyball and soccer. “Katlynn loves having other kids to play with, especially when she can go to the park and play.” She enjoys being outside and likes going bass fishing. Katlynn says she’s happy, and her worker says Katlynn is well-adjusted in her current placement.

Katlynn “has demonstrated the ability to manage difficult and sad circumstances in life,” says her worker. She can struggle at times with behavior and receives services to help her manage her feelings. Her worker says Katlynn has developed a number of coping skills that she uses. In school, Katlynn receives services to help her function at her best. Her favorite subject is math.

Click here to learn more about Katlynn, or call Rhonda, her adoption worker, at 231-946-8975 x1001.

Ryan, age 12, loves the outdoors! Outdoor activities are his favorite thing to do on the weekends, and he says he wants to go fishing, swimming and camping wit his future forever family. Ryan likes making forts and building rafts when spending time with friends. He’s also athletic and likes playing basketball, baseball and football, and he wants to become a pro football player. Since he loves the outdoors, Ryan dreams of traveling to a Florida beach because “it’s sunny and fun, and there’s no winter,” he says. He enjoys celebrating all holidays by spending time with family. Because he’s an athlete and an outdoorsman, Ryan hopes for a forever family who’s active, but he also wants to spend quiet time with them while hanging out and playing board games together.

His worker heaps plenty of praise on Ryan. “Ryan is a sweet, kind and thoughtful child,” his worker says. “Ryan is extremely polite and concerned about what is happening to him.” He takes pride in being a good kid and doing a good job. “Ryan typically does well in school,” his worker says. “He follows directions well.”

Click here to learn more about Ryan, or call Lisa, adoption supervisor, at 231-946-8975 x1034.


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