Child & Family Services’ Wraparound Program provides community-based support and individualized planning for children, including those with severe emotional and behavioral disorders (SED),and their families.


By bringing together family and other people relevant to the child’s well-being, the Wraparound Team creates an intensive family preservation plan that supports keeping the child at home with their family.


The program works through a combination of team building, coordinating both natural and professional supports, brainstorming and developing strategies, and accessing and utilizing the community's resources and services.

What does Wraparound do?

By blending the efforts and resources of family and community, Wraparound targets the priority needs of children and their families to bring hope, healing, a sense of belonging and shared responsibility.

During the Wraparound process a family works through stages of discovery, strategizing and action. The result is their own plan for success based on their unique strengths, culture, needs and goals.

What to Expect from Wraparound

A Child & Family Services Wraparound facilitator works with the family to build a team of natural and professional supports. The team meets regularly to help develop and implement the Wraparound plan, with the goal of preventing the placement of the child outside the home. The creation of the Wraparound plan – and the Wraparound process in general – is family-driven, designed around the family’s strengths, needs, and goals.

The Wraparound Model

Wraparound brings together family and other natural supports to create an individualized plan of care, specific to the child’s needs. We then help implement the plan and evaluate its success over time.
Wraparound uses nationally recognized tools and standards for implementing child & family plans, ensuring you receive the most innovative services possible.

How To Participate

Families may refer themselves or be referred by a community member or service provider. Clients are accepted and approved by the Wraparound Team. Any clients  who meet SED  criteria may access services through local Community Mental Health.


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