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Who is eligible to receive gifts from Paper Angels?

The Paper Angel Campaign is for current clients of Child and Family Services of NW MI and a few community partner agencies. To be eligible to receive gifts, clients will receive a list from their case manager or other representative from CFS. The list is then turned back into the case manager for review and submission. 

Every year we receive many requests from people in the community in need of gifts. The need is high in our community for assistance during the holidays.  There are several other organizations that we can refer to for gifts during the holiday. Click here for a list of community organizations that may be able to help. Here is also a link to more information about the Salvation Army program.

We would like to adopt a list. How much should we spend on each list? 

We advise $100 gift limits for children and $125 for kids 12 and up. 

Can we wrap the presents? 

Please deliver the presents unwrapped, although you can donate wrapping paper along with the list if you would like. By leaving the presents unwrapped, case managers can ensure that gifts are appropriate for the clients, and it also gives families the flexibility to distribute the gifts according to their family traditions. Some children might receive these gifts from Santa, for example. We appreciate your understanding. 

Can I request a certain gender or age for my adopted wish list? 

Although you are able to request this, there might not be a list that fits your category. Although shopping for younger children is often more fun, there are older teens and young adults that also very much appreciate the gifts that are donated. 

I can't make the drop off days, can I drop my gifts off at a different time? 

Absolutely! Please send us a message to arrange a time for drop off. 

I don't like shopping, can I just donate money instead? 

Yes! We are ALWAYS grateful for cash donations, which allow us to buy gifts for children who may come into care very close to Christmas, or to honor birthdays, a great report card, or to help buy a music instrument, sports equipment, or any items desperately needed all year round. Click here to donate.

Please call the Paper Angel volunteer desk with any additional questions at 231-946-8975 x1046 in Traverse City, and 231-347-4463 in Harbor Springs. Hours are Monday - Friday, 10 am to 4 pm. We are closed during the Thanksgiving holiday. 

How do I adopt a wish list and help a family during this holiday season? 

You can request a list online using the link below, or call our office at 231-946-8975 x1046. A volunteer will match you with a list. 



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