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A Season of Giving

Christmas is known as the “season of giving” and each year with our Paper Angels program we see how true this statement is. Each year we fill hundreds of wish lists with the help of donors and volunteers. We are continually grateful for the caring and giving nature of our community. Our donors range from individuals young and old, families, businesses, churches, and a variety of organizations and they come from all across Northwestern Michigan!

This year, one generous group stood out for filling 12 lists. 231 Fusion is a softball organization for kids with players from as far north as Cheboygan and as far south as Big Rapids. One of their volunteer coaches, Brittainy Cairns, works at Child and Family Services in our adoption program, and when it came time for Paper Angels, she reached out to Juli Tiesworth at 231 Fusion to see if they would be interested in participating. Juli said with permission of their Founder, Steve Steimel, “Yes!”

The 12 lists were split between the 6 teams to give each player and their family a chance to help out. When asked why she decided to adopt so many lists Juli added, “As an organization, we are fortunate to be comprised of so many families and coaches that share similar philosophies regarding supporting our community. We also credit the players for recognizing the value of giving back when we are able. We knew that with the size of our softball organization, we had the capacity to make a big impact. I’m so grateful and proud that our coaches, families and players were eager to support this program, and we look forward to working together in the future as well.” This is just one of many stories of generosity that we have witnessed at CFS.

This year’s Paper Angels round has recently ended, however, you can still help support those in need by donating to our Angel Funds program. This program runs year-round and helps with all kinds of needs—from gas cards, financial aid for counseling, summer camps, music and dance lessons, sports fees and equipment—to ensuring a child has a gift on their birthday. We work hard to make sure that children have what they need to explore their interests and help bring a little joy to their lives.

Donating to our Angel Fund is the perfect way to help assure that our children have access to opportunities that make childhood memorable and help build their self-esteem. Donations of any amount are welcome and put to good use. We cannot do it without the support of our amazing community! To donate, please call 231-946-8975 and ask to speak to someone in our development office or visit

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