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YouthWork is Hiring!

Do good. Feel good.

Like long weekends, being outside, and getting things done for your community? Join YouthWork Conservation Corps!

Child & Family Services’ YouthWork Conservation Corps is a nonprofit workforce development program that strengthens young people and their communities through service-based learning. YouthWork teaches job and life skills to young people as they complete hands on conservation and skilled trades projects for nonprofits and government agencies across Michigan. YouthWork AmeriCorps crews plant trees, build trails, remove invasive species, weatherize homes, restore historic structures, improve parks, protect habitats and waterways, and learn how to use tools and work together as a team. Our central office is in Traverse City, Michigan with crews serving around the state.

YouthWork provides vulnerable young adults ages 16-35 with hands-on experience while they earn living stipends, scholarships, and 21st century job skills. The projects completed by YouthWork are mutually beneficial and achieve three objectives – first, they build job and life skills for young people, preparing them for careers in conservation and skilled trades while instilling an appreciation for community service, recreation, and stewardship; second, they save valuable resources for nonprofits and government agencies, as projects are completed at reduced rate by leveraging strategic partnerships and diverse funding sources; and third, they protect and enhance our natural resources and community spaces for all to enjoy. See our growing list of partners and learn more at





“As an employee of CFS, I can honestly attest to a positive work environment. Not only are co-workers helpful and encouraging, but sympathetic to each others personal needs, strengths, and flaws. When expressing frustrations or let-downs, we are immediately picked back up. To feel accepted and respected is a true gift. On top of all of this - these people - this wonderful organization of friends, family, and community are constantly working to understand the complications others face and to work towards healing. It gives me hope that we are truly in this thing together."


—  Autumn, Safe Haven

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