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Each year, CFS plans multiple fundraising events to financially support our mission. With the current crisis, in person fundraising events are on hold indefinitely. We want you to stay home and stay safe.

While Giving Tuesday is typically held the first Tuesday after Black Friday, this new and urgent need brought the Giving Tuesday campaign to May 5, 2020 as GivingTuesdayNow. We are participating in this global campaign to draw awareness of the financial need that many non-profits are experiencing, as well as ask that you consider a donation to CFS during this critical time.  In order for our operations to continue we need to seek new ways to provide revenue lost from events. 

We hope you will support our agency today so that we continue serving our community in the future. 


To bolster charitable giving in a time of economic downturn, a $300 above-the-line tax deduction for charitable giving was approved in the CARES Act, eligible to both itemizers and non-itemizers alike. This is not a permanent provision and will expire at the end of tax year 2020. The hope is that this will spur more charitable giving in our communities in 2020, to make up for lost revenue. Now is the perfect time to donate to CFS! Donations can be made securely on our website utilizing the button provided above.

Other ways to support CFS

There are multiple options to help us make an impact!

Legacy Gifts

Legacy gifts create a powerful commitment to support children and families in our community for generations to come. These gifts ensure that our programs will continue indefinitely. Please consider CFS during your planned giving.

Stocks, QCD's, and other gifts

Please contact Linda Sommerville to learn more about how these non-cash gifts can benefit you as well as make an impact! You might be eligible to receive tax benefits in addition to furthering our mission.


There are various opportunities to visibly support CFS and market your business. Your logo will be featured on our website,  and e-blasts. Please contact our development team at the link below to learn more. 

In-kind Gifts

We have a list of supplies needed for several CFS programs. We often hear from you, "how can we help?" Just click the link below to see our current list. Call our office to arrange drop off or to learn more! 

Easy ways to give everyday.

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Donate 0.5% of every Amazon purchase you make at no additional cost to you!

  1. In a new tab, sign into your personal Amazon account.

  2. Come back to this page and SELECT THIS LINK.

  3. Select the START SHOPPING tab and shop like you normally would.


0.5% of your purchase will be donated to Child & Family Services of Northwestern Michigan after transaction is completed.


Round up all Rite Aid online purchases to the next whole dollar amount by donated the remaining cents to CFS!


1. Create a wellness+ rewards account HERE.

2. While logged in, choose the “Select a Charity” option in the menu and select “CHILD & FAMILY SERVICES OF MICHIGAN” as your preferred charity

3. Your final purchase will be rounded to the next whole dollar amount, with the remaining change donated to CFS.


GoodShop (formerly GoodSearch) provides a database of digital coupons from more than 32,000 merchants including Amazon, Target, Staples, Best Buy, and more, by donating commissions earned from purchases at participating stores with CFS.


Visit to learn more.

Thank you for your support!

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